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Hello! I'm Michelle, more commonly known as Misha, art student and blogger

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ welcome!

I love writing stories, cats, green tea mints, watching trashy anime, and a lot of animation things.

I have a webcomic called "Alice and the Nightmare", which is about cute kids and interdimensional adventures, and is currently on hiatus.

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Witch of Heart
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Oct 11 '12

college talk okay i’m thinking of applying to sva not as a comic major, but animation. mainly because it inspires me a lot and even if i’m not the best i hope to still learn a new skill set that could help me later. 

plus i’ve been watching a bunch of sva thesis’s and the one that struck me the most wasn’t that smoothly animated but another one that resonated nicely was great animation so

but the only problem is, i still want to take cartooning classes, like storytelling or something like that, but is that even possible? can you sign up for classes in other majors? it’d be great to get the best of both worlds but if not ok

i need some tea