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Hello! I'm Michelle, more commonly known as Misha, art student and blogger

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ welcome!

I love writing stories, cats, green tea mints, watching trashy anime, and a lot of animation things.

I have a webcomic called "Alice and the Nightmare", which is about cute kids and interdimensional adventures, and is currently on hiatus.

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Witch of Heart
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Sep 15 '12

wait book spirit thought blurb

what if they have similar interests to the books they are connected to? 

like star’s book is magical objects (the amulet and flashlight) so she’s materialistic, kinda spoiled, and if you shower her with gifts she’ll be pleased and not hurt you (she doesn’t hurt gideon cause he’s her baby boy and he owns her book) 

and pyramid’s book is creatures/more alive supernatural objects so he’s a big social butterfly and his friendly to many people/creatures so he’s in the know of a LOT of stuff (which could also be the reason his symbol is all over gravity falls) that’s why his hat’s so big it’s full of secrets

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